RIAT+ within the PREPAIR project

RIAT+ will be applied within the PREPAIR project with the aim of evaluating the measures foreseen in the regioneal plans and in the Po Valley agreement.

RIAT+ at the Genova Smart Week!

CLIMAERA project and RIAT+ application will be presented at the workshop "GREEN SOLUTIONS for the urban regeneration".

RIAT+ included in the CIVITAS Tool Inventory

RIAT+ has been included in the CIVITAS Tool Inventory, an online database of 100+ tools and methods that helps local authorities make better informed decisions about which planning tools to apply in their given local context.

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RIAT+ brief description

RIAT+ is a regional Integrated Assessment Modelling tool developed during the OPERA project (LIFE09 ENV/IT/000092). It has been designed to help regional decision makers to select optimal air pollution reduction policies that will improve the air quality at minimum costs. To achieve this, the system incorporates explicitly the specific features of the area of interest with regional input data-set for the:

The tool allows two possible decision pathways: scenario analysis and optimization. The main outputs from RIAT+ are a summary of emission reductions on the domain, a table of the application rates for the different measures, maps of a set of relevant air quality indexes (AQIs) and, for the optimization pathway, the Pareto Curve providing the efficient solutions of a specific AQI ranked by costs.
The S/R model is used, internally, to link emissions to an AQI. The S/R model can be as simple as a linear relationship, or as complex as a chemical transport model. To limit the computational time, RIAT+ currently uses a nonlinear relations identified by means of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs), tuned to replicate the results of a limited set of simulations performed by the users with deterministic air quality model calibrated of the specific site.


RIAT+ has been already tested and applied in different EU Regions with various aims (for more detail see Applications):