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You can easily join the RIAT+ community: from this page you can download the software and immediately start working on your air quality analysis and plan!
You can download RIAT for free after accepting "license agreement" to guarantee to accept all terms and conditions of this license, including in particular the limitations on use, transferability, warranty and liability.
If you need a quick overview of RIAT+ Graphical Interface you can see a Tutorial Video presentation.

To become operative as soon as possible the user is provided with two test cases: the application of RIAT+ in Alsace Region (FR) and in Emilia-Romagna Region (IT).

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User Guide

Software and Hardware Requirements

RIAT+ is developed for Windows operating systems. The minimum hardware requirements are very reasonable:
     - CPU, no request, the current standard (3 - 3.50GHz) will guarantee an acceptable computation time
     - RAM: minimum 2GB
     - Disk storage: minimum 4GB (each simulation will require additional disk space)

RIAT+ Versions

Here below you can find the different RIAT+ versions distributed so far and their major changes.

RIAT+ Version
Release Date
Version 2.3 July 2019 New features and new S/R functions
Version 2.2 November 2018 Bug fixing
Version 2.1 August 2016 Bug fixing and 32-bit and 64-bit version
Version 2.0 July 2016 New RIAT+ release and connection with SHERPA Tool
Version 1.1 April 2015 Allows the use of neural networks in text format
Version 1.0 October 2013 First version

Contact us

For any issues, observations or requests for information please contact us. We are very interested to have your feedback about RIAT+ tool: only a constructive dialogue with the real users can lead the future development of our tool in the correct direction. So please don't hesitate to contact us for any question.