Software installation

1. Where can I download the software?
RIAT+ is free of charge; however, before the software download, an end user license agreement (EULA) should be signed online.
You can download RIAT+ here

2. Do I have to register to download RIAT+?
Yes, registration is required to download the software (here).

3. Do I need others programs to use RIAT+?
RIAT+ needs the installation of JRE 7 (Java Runtime Environment version 7) and MCR (MatLab Compiler Runtime). All these software are included in the RIAT+ installation kit.

4. I installed the last version of RIAT+. I can see the test-case but I can't create a new region. 
If you don't have administrator priviliges on your pc, you can't work with RIAT+ software. To solve the problem, during the installation procedure, select the check box to create the data folder in D:\RIAT_DATA.

Start with RIAT+

1. How can I start to use RIAT+?
RIAT+ system installation provides, as a starter kit, input data and configuration files for the two test cases considered in the frame of OPERA project, that is say Alsace (FR) and Emilia-Romagna (IT). You can test the potentiality of RIAT+ using these 2 test cases.

2. How can I create my input data region?
To create a new region data structure, click on "Tools" from the menu bar at the top of the main RIAT+ screen, and select "Create a new region structure". For more details please refer to the RIAT+ User Guide (Chapter 3).

3. Where can I get support?
User Guide is included in the RIAT+ installation kit and in each RIAT+ screen you can find the Help button. For further questions don't hesitate to contact us